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27th July 2009

2:15pm: haven't posted to my own journal in a long time. but i am happy to say that i am now about 130ish lbs :)

1st April 2007

2:45pm: ive decieded to post a pic of me......
let me know what you think
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
11:11am: Thinspo
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Nicole Richie is my thinspo!
Current Mood: energetic

31st March 2007

5:43am: i finally broke my plateau! now i can get back down and shed my whale FAT!

Last week i was : 165ish
This morning i am!!! :158.5 :D

1stGw: 120
2ndGw: 100

im sooo happy right now and i am not even hungry!
here goes another day with no stupid fatty foods!
think thinn everyone

7th September 2006

3:31pm: TODAY!!! all ive had is 1 bottle water! NOTHING ELSE! i am so surprise lately ive been giving in. but today i just got motivated! and its about 3:30pm. I work at 6-10pm so shud b ok! hope everyone else is havin a good day! xo

31st August 2006

3:22pm: its been awhile
hey i started comming on here about 5-6 months ago. I started at 182lbs then got down to 143 now i am up to 150. i HAVE to loose more weight. I am in Digital photography in school. we took pictures today. and i looked SOOO fat! my goal is 125. I want to get down to at least 130 by oct 1 so thats 20lbs in one month. and i really hope i can do it! i am exercising but i seem to get home late from work and go on the computer and eat. so now i am cutting out the eating! sorry to ramble on but im hoping writing on here will help me keep the pounds off! any really good calorie burners would be great!!! good luck to everyone and it sounds like everyone is doing great! think thin xo

20th May 2006

11:35am: haven't posted in a while
well i haven't been online in a few weeks so i thought i would post and update everyone on how ive been doing.
height 5'5"1/2
goal(short term)-130
goal(long term)-120

im trying to get down but ive been 143ish for about 2 weeks now and i really want to get going fast. ne tips?
think thin~~

3rd April 2006

4:00pm: haven't posted in a looooong time?!!
hey everyone i haven't posted on this in a long while!!!! hope everyone is doing good. i have been occasionally reading posts i have been really busy tho with swimming and homework and just life. but i haven't been giving up on my diet. i am around 149ish (sucks) but i havn'ent been gaining which is great. i am hoping with really restricting this week i will be down to at least 143-145 by this weekend. today i have only had one frito chip ( i don' t even kno the calories, maybe 5cal??!) its about 4pm here and i havne't eaten but i kno i wont hav much for dinner because i hav swimming tonight from 7-9:30pm. which burns over 1000cals and i feel sick if i eat b4 i swim... anyway enough bout me how is everyone doing??? think thinnER
<3 brit

2nd March 2006

8:31pm: WOW i haven't posted in a few weeks!!!!!!
i am bout 151 ish lbs right now..if you forgot.. my height is 5'5 1/2 ish ...

i have been on the swim team burning quite a few calories and been eating less than that! so soon i will be down to 140!!!!!

ne good ab trimin or lower back , or under the butt on your legs area.. exercises would be greaatly appreciated!

thanks and think thinner!

3rd February 2006

6:06pm: Today i weighed at 155.3! i got a fitday. com account! and it says to reach one of my goals of 145 by feb 20 i have to lose 4.17lbs a week and i have 17 days. but i thought i could so do it in like 10-12days! i went to the doctor yesterday because i have been really sick with some sinus thing that effected my throat and stuff. and i had to get a physical for me to do the swim team and i have lost about 15lbs since ive been to the doctor and i hav to go back in 2 weeks so i hope they don't notice rapid weight loss....

i also thought id mention i am in this thing in california called 4-h and i raise animals and show them in the fair and get money for them.. (its for collage!) and i have to wear these white pants. i got the pants around june and they were kinda tight and i tryed them on last night and they are sooo big and baggy i can't even wear them nemore and my mom was like omg i can't believe youve lost so much weight!!!!! :)

29th January 2006

8:43am: today i am about 155. so about 2-3 lbs lighter than about 4-5 days ago. i am gettin on the right track, i have been restricting really good. i am almost a my first big goal which is exciting!
keep thinkin thinn everyone!

23rd January 2006

7:34pm: so weighed in 158. which is good but i hoped for better. last week i was between 160-162. got 13lbs to go in about 20-23 days so i am so stoaked i can do this!

10th January 2006

5:45pm: do you all think its possible for me to loose 15+ lbs in about a month or more?? i am boardering 160/159 right now and i want to loose as much as possible by FEB 15/16. any suggestions i ordered pilates but it was backordered so i have to wait 2 more weeks. :(

on a better note i found my new best friend!!!
DIET rasberry iced tea by snapple. o calories and o grams of fat all it has is alittle sodium NOTHIN else!!!! oh and DIEt cherry vanilla dr. pepper! <3 i am in LOVE! even tho soda kinda makes u bloated alittle but you still hav all the liquids to pee out :)

ne tips or motivation would be helpful so i can get my fat ass going!

<33 think thinnER

6th January 2006

3:25pm: YEAH. I MADE IT UNDER 160.so last night i weighed my self and i was 162.4 and this morning i woke up and i was 159.8 and i havent' eatn all day except one oreo but i walk around the track and did pilates in dance class!!!! so my goal is 145 by febuary 25 which is my turnabout. i think i am going to ask this guy but im trying to loose alittle more weight b4 i ask him. i was thinking of waiting unitil the beginning of febuary. is that too late? neways i hope your all doing great.
think thinn<33

3rd January 2006

5:56pm: Wow intesting last few days well last night my mom was sitting at the table after i finished my greenbeans for dinner and my mom was like you kno you better not be anorexic like your friend ".." was. i was like mom why would i do that... :)

and this morning i started skool again from the break and my old math teacher (girl) was like wow you look alot thinner have you lost weight.

thats the 3rd person thats said someting to me this week.. god it feels great!
and today i had a ginger bread cookie .. ew i kno and veggie soup 200cal. and a few apricots.
god i love skool cuz i never eat there! <33
think thin

1st January 2006

YOUR AGE:15 1/2
DO YOU HAVE AN EATING DISORDER, IF SO WHAT KIND: ednos with anorexic tendencies

30th December 2005

10:29am: 14hrs
14hrs into my new fast
friends would be good
add me and ill add you back!
my sn for aim xotink3rb3llx0 <-- last digit is a zero!
Current Mood: anxious
10:04am: hi i am new!
I just wanted to introduce myself
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8:48am: trying an lj-cut!
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26th December 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

22nd December 2005

6:56am: 17 hours into my fast not sure how long i can go atleast another 24 ( lucky for me i am going to my friends house so i wont eat lunch or breakfast and then i will tell her i had a late lunch and not eat dinner!!)

i hav alot of energy -- must be the energy pills

its amazing when i fast i feel so incontrol and so strong i just hope i make it to xmas eve!

18th December 2005

7:10pm: today and tomorrow need to lllllllloooooooossssssseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
today i ate a total of 650cal but we had company over so i had to eat lunch and dinner! uuhhgg

tomorrow my plan is:

water and green tea!

1/4 c. cottage cheese
snack (if hungry)
lettuce && shreddedcarrot no dressing

green tea
& salad w/ 1tsp fat free ranch dressing and only 2 carbs
300 situps
100 motified push ups ( i hurt my wrist in softball and gymnastics and so i can't do regular ones right now! :( )
callenetics video and taebo

13th December 2005

4:14pm: tOdAy!
today went good so far all ive had was
2 diet metabolism green tea pills (one in the morning and one at lunch time)
and 2 small carrots
and 2 pieces of sugarless gum (less than 5 cal ea.)
so when i work out tonight it will burn more than i consumed

but there is dinner (which i hav to eat becuz my mom is gettting suspicious)
so i think i will go with salad( lettuce carrot cucumber no dressing ).. thats all negative cal right????

any friends want to add i think i will be starting a fast from sat 17. to fri. or maybe thursday so 4-5 days ive never gone that long so if neone wants to join me that would be great.

25th November 2005

8:53am: fasting till monday whos with me!?
Current Mood: bouncy

24th November 2005

9:03am: happy fat ppl stuff their faces day!!
thanksgiving is oficially the dumbist holiday ever! wut the point in stuffing ur face.. but since im a vegiterian and only my brother is coming over (we are having like 7 ppl at max) i will hopefullly get a way with some salad and fruit or veggies.. i am also pretty satified that i am down to 164.0 but my goal was 160. i need to be down to 130 by xmas and 120 by newyears and then i will stay at 120 for a while.. knowing my mom she will probably send me to the hospital but closer to bikini season i will reach 100 and that will make me satisfied.

GOOD LUCK WITH TODAY LADIES don't give in remember how good thin feels and we can pick it up tomorwo but don't make urself regret today just keep it down..



think thin
Current Mood: sleepy
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